June 14, 2024

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Homosexual relationships are giving rise to crime in Mumbai..?

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Mumbai: A 57-year-old man whose dead body was found stuffed inside a suitcase near the railway tracks at Dombivli was murdered by his homosexual partner, the Mumbai Police claimed on Friday. The Mumbai Police began to investigate the case after receiving calls about an unattended suitcase lying abandoned near the railway tracks in the Dombivli area.

After opening it, the body of 57-year-old was found stuffed inside it. The deceased was later identified as Umesh Patil. After just nine hours of investigation, the police claimed to have cracked the case. The police arrested 27-year-old Praful Pawar murdering the deceased, Umesh Patil, and claimed that the two were in a homosexual relationship.

Patil, who worked at a private firm in Navi Mumbai, had gone missing from his house in Kopri area two days ago. 

According to police, the two had met each other on a local train six months ago and became friends. Soon Patil, who was unmarried, started visiting Pawar at latter’s house in Dombivali and they developed a homosexual relationship.

Things turned sour after Pawar got married and started avoiding Patil. On February 4, Patil visited Pawar when his wife was not at home, and they had a quarrel. Pawar allegedly strangulated Patil and stuffed his body in a bag and left it near the railway tracks and eloped.


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