May 29, 2024

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Why are people around the world not having children?

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has urged Russian women to have more than three or at most 10 children. The entire Japan, including Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, is currently troubled by the problem of falling birth rate there. Talking about Italy, Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni has called this problem a national emergency. Now if we talk about India, we should not forget the statement of External Affairs Minister Jaishankar in which he had said that the growth rate of Indian population is falling rapidly. Apart from this, the presidents of 14 other countries including Slovakia, Romania, Switzerland, England, Poland have warned their citizens about the rapidly declining population in their respective countries.

  After all, what is the reason for producing less children? Most Indians believe that population is one of the biggest problems of India. But now a new problem is seen arising in the midst of this debate. Many new couples do not want to have children. And this is the truth not only of India but of most of the countries of the world. Those who are unable to have children despite wanting to, are called ‘child-less’. On the contrary, ‘child-free’ are those adults who decide on their own free will that they do not want children.

Understand the story from India: A BBC report tells that when Nishant, who worked in a news channel in Noida, proposed to a girl, he first told her that he did not want children. I wouldn’t want you to put any kind of pressure on me later. Nishant’s previous ‘relationship’ also broke when he told his girlfriend that he wanted to get married but did not want children. But this time it did not happen, this time the girl also said that she also does not want children…

That is, today the youth wants marriage but does not want children. Those who do this are called child-free. Not only is he said to be child-free, but the youth of that category have started considering him as their idol. But on the contrary, if we go back 30 years from now, if a married couple did not have a child for some reason, then the society would look down on them, consider them unlucky and would not even allow their children to go to their house… .

After all, how did this change come or should we say, where did the conspiracy start from, which is quickly swallowing the population of non-Islamic countries of the world? Actually, the year was 1970. For those married couples who were not able to have a child due to some reason, feminists had created a solution for them. Created a respectable institution and named it ‘Child-less’, but after the beginning of 1900, another word came into the world, ‘Child-free’. This word was propagated as if these people were doing a favor to the world. The point was to end the cycle of suffering by not having children – use contraceptives, death is necessary, not children, we did not agree to be born but we were created without consent. And having children is not a solution. Not having children is a solution. That is, people who live a life of fun with these slogans started joining this organization, after this they also got a weapon. The year was 2006. A book by Benatar Jaffee suggesting ways to end humanity came in the market. This book was anti-natalist. The name was anti-natalism.

These people took this book in their hands, where the whole world saw the form of God in children, the author of this book saw the devil in the most innocent children. Gradually the number of people not wanting to have children started increasing rapidly in western countries. In the year 2021, Pew Research Center conducted a research in America in which 44 percent of people aged 18 to 49 without children said that they do not think that they will have children in the future. Look amazing, in the previous research of 2018, the number of people saying this was 37 percent. They said that they did not want to raise the child alone. But more than half of the people said that they did not want to have children at all.

Gradually, these people also started coming on social media platforms like Facebook, Insta, TikTok and YouTube. Some are child-free millennials and some have created accounts like childfree, which explain through their content why they do not want children. Apart from this, a group named ‘Global Child-Free’ came on the social media platform Reddit, which has more than 15 lakh subscribers. Here child-free people share their experiences and tell that their lives are going great… Taking this experience of his, today’s youth are also showing themselves as modern by becoming child free, but the question is for how long….

Because a person will always remain young, otherwise he will also get old and some disease will catch him sooner or later, perhaps he will remember that if he had a child of his own today, he would have given him a glass of water to drink.

Think about whose population will increase in these countries if their population decreases. According to the Reuters report, according to the data of the National Statistics Bureau, the number of children born in Italy from January 2023 to June 2023 is the same as those born between January 2022 and June 2022. There was 3500 less children than the second, there has been a shortage of women of reproductive age in Italy. There has been a huge decline in the birth rate here in 2023 as compared to 2021. Last year, 12 deaths were recorded for every seven children born. You can understand its seriousness. In simple language, for every 7 births, 12 people are dying in this country. Now Italy’s PM Georgia Meloni herself has declared it a national emergency. He has made this the main issue of his election campaign.

If we talk about Japan, deaths in Japan have reached their highest level in almost a century since 1874 and the birth rate is falling. A wide gap between births and deaths has put Japan in a demographic crisis. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is currently facing a crisis of survival.

If we talk about Russia, in the year 1990 the population of Russia was 14 crore 75 lakhs. Which remained 14 crore 59 lakh in the figures of 2020. The country’s President Vladimir Putin is upset with this. To get out of this crisis, he has asked women to have 10 children. By doing this, women will be given 1 billion rubles i.e. 13 lakh rupees. Women who give birth to 10 children will also be given an award named ‘Mother Heroine’ because experts are claiming that by the year 2025 the population of Russia will be 12 crore, 50 lakh and by the year 2050 it will be only 10 crore.

Before talking about India, once you know the condition of Europe, then you will easily understand whose population is increasing across the world and whose population needs to be controlled. According to a report published in The Guardian newspaper in 2018, the population of Muslims will increase even if all the current 28 countries of the European Union and Norway and Switzerland close their borders to refugees. The reason for this is the low age group population and high fertility rate among Muslims. The average fertility rate of Muslims in Europe is 2.6, while that of non-Muslims is 1.6. Secondly, Muslims have more children than other religions in Europe. Children under 15 years of age of Muslims are 27 percent, while non-Muslims are 15 percent. This report showed a clear divide in the Muslim population between West and East.

Don’t think that these organizations are not working in India, their organizations are working continuously. Recently, a face came forward to take the Child Free Organization forward, her name was Pratima Naik. She gave an interview to The Print and said that the movement will be slow. -Growing slowly. Our organization goal is to establish a national level organization.

Pratima Naik may not be the sister of any Zakir Naik but the agenda is the same to reduce the number of Hindus because no Abdul or Ruksana will listen to Pratima Naik, only Hindu boys and girls competing to become modern will listen to her, hence their agenda will move forward. Because after this, recently, protesting against the birth of children, a web series named Pet Purana was released. It featured two characters, Atul and Aditi, who think that raising animals is better than raising children; cats and dogs can be ideal pets and they decide to adopt a dog. Think, if there are no children, will the dogs and cats protect the country in the future? Will the dogs and cats become doctors or engineers? Will the dogs and cats take care of the sick? That is, call it an agenda or a conspiracy which started in 1990, is now slowly becoming one. After all, they are capturing the minds of the citizens of a country. The youth are getting trapped in their trap. Imagine how many old age homes there will be in India in the future. On whom will those without children become a burden and who will use the buildings, bungalows, kothis and land of all these countries?

​BY-Rajeev Choudhary

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