May 29, 2024

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Families became smaller or corporates made people lonely!

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Rajeev Choudhary

What did children play today 25 to 30 years ago? Kho, Gilli-Danda, and Pithu, Garam Chupan Hide and Seek, Rope-Tug, Eye-middle-man, Thief-Soldier, Kancha Goli and what do children play today? From video games, baby dolls, children play in any house. From teddy bears to barbie dolls…

But now the future of the children coming forward is being snatched away through a system. Under which the family has to be destroyed first! Man has to be broken completely into individuals. If they do it alone then they have to sell their goods. That means making him your customer from birth till death. Now the question is who is getting this done and why. A simple name that will come to mind is Corporate…

If you understand this conspiracy of the profit market then you will understand how in what manner first the families of India are being broken, then the society and then how the country. Imagine and go back two decades! Whenever mother went out for some reason, aunts, uncles, sister-in-law or grandmothers would cook any food and feed her. If there was a need to play, five or seven children in the family would play together. If there was a happy program, all the family and relatives would come together and take care of all the matters at home. Even if there was mourning, everyone would come together and console each other. Perhaps from birth to sports or marriage or the end of life, the family used to take care of everything in which the society was also involved.

But today everything is changing, there are teddy bear video games, baby dolls, barbie dolls for children to play. From mobile games to video games. If there is a wedding at home then it is a marriage home, where the food is decided according to the plate. No one needs anyone else, apart from this mother is not at home. So instead of Tai Aunty, there is Foodpanda, Zomato is Swiggy. If due to some reason a loved one dies then there is no need of four people, companies like are available in the market, click on it, everything from the bier to the pallbearers will be available on rent.

After all, you can’t even imagine how all this changed. In fact, many decades ago, America used to export wheat to the world. Our country also used to take it. But suddenly the era of Green Revolution started again. Many countries of the world became self-sufficient in food grains, America’s wheat started becoming useless, then many industrialists of USA sat together and prepared a plan. The first of which is to prepare fast food and the second is how to make the people of the world dependent on us. Fast food is now ready and people started buying it either out of taste or laziness. But the problem was that people lived in families so there was very little dependence on these things. Bought gold and silver once, got a house built once, bought a car and got ten years leave. So after this, a plan was prepared on how to get the money out of his pocket. That is, the family and society have to be destroyed by breaking it into individuals, so that the demand for living increases at the individual level. Every individual should have his own house, every person should buy all the tools for living. The more lonely a person is, the more bored he will be. The more he buys products from the market for entertainment! Overall, this will bring a huge amount of money to corporate firms. We will fund every party and by controlling that party we will control those countries. Poor countries started getting loans on the condition that they abolish joint families in their countries.

For this, in the 70s, formulas like family planning were implemented and slogans of small family, happy family were started. Only those families will be happy which are small. Now for this, one and two room building flats have been started. As none of them could live with their parents, siblings, aunts and children, families started breaking up. Working people started getting separated from their families. Due to this, China also came up with one child policy in 80’s.

When families were getting smaller in countries like India and China, they were shrinking. In western countries, people started facing the situation of depression in small families. Their children were becoming lonely or feeling lonely. Now, going back several decades from here, in Southern California, a woman named Ruth Hadler and her husband worked in a garage workshop in Eliot. They had a daughter, Barbara, she was alone. She had no other siblings, so the couple watched their daughter Barbie play with a talking paper doll figure. As a mother, Ruth Hadler realized the impact this single toy can have on children. He made a doll and named it Barbie Doll. Now she started sharing her loneliness with him. When this story reached many people, people from small families started demanding it for their only sons and daughters. Ruth Hadler and her husband Eliot founded the toy company Metel in 1945 and began selling dolls to single children.

Imagine, if their daughter Barbie had grandparents or siblings, she would not have needed any dolls. But later this compulsion turned into a big business. Then the demand for baby dolls and bear-like toys called teddy bears started increasing. An upper class who earned good money, who had money and could support two or three children, started giving toys like teddy bears and Barbie dolls to their children instead of giving them siblings.

Gradually, when families started shrinking in countries like India, working people started buying dolls and teddy bears for their children. Now in the second phase the market started dominating this single system. First toys and then electronic games started coming into the market. Today, the annual business of online games is worth one lakh crore in India alone and the market of dolls and toys was worth one and a half billion dollars in the year 2022.

Similarly, today the online food delivery market in India is 33 billion US dollars, which is estimated to reach 73 billion US dollars by the year 2027. Estimate this by saying that in the next five to ten years, half the population will stop cooking at home and will depend on online food.

Thirty years ago, people lived in the same house which was built by our ancestors. The whole family lived together in it. Gradually, families started getting left behind. Due to globalization, families are breaking up even in those countries where it is not customary to live alone. If we talk about India, a large number of people are migrating from villages to cities or abroad in search of employment. A large number of flats started being built. Those who can afford should buy, those who cannot afford can buy it in installments by taking a loan from the bank. Today real business has reached 477 billion dollars. On the contrary, there was a report of Dainik Jagran in the year 2015 that a large number of villages in Uttarakhand, about three thousand, have been vacated…

Now go ahead, there were big families and the houses were also big. Due to this, there was always hustle and bustle in the houses. Children used to go to the houses of maternal uncles, grandparents or aunts and uncles during holidays. Relationships also became stronger and children were blessed with children. But now these things are being left behind very fast. Due to which a distance is being created between the families even though they do not want to. This is the situation at the international level and has become a subject of research today. There is an organization in Britain called “Stand Alone” which helps people who are separated from their families. The research report of this organization shows that in every fifth family in Britain, one member is separated from the family. Research conducted on about two thousand mothers and their children in America shows that ten percent of the mothers have been separated from their children. Another research from America shows that in some communities, separation of parents from children is as common as divorce. Apart from this, the situation is similar in Canada, Australia and Singapore also. Today, old age houses have started being built for the elderly in almost all countries. They get all kinds of facilities there by paying the price.

This means that now Old Age House has become a big business. Some researchers believe that the situation will completely change in the coming 20 years. Then everyone would be living alone and relying only on service provider companies. But this loneliness may have shortened his life also. Actually, in August this year, a documentary named Live Two Hundred Secrets of the Blue Jones came out in which the secrets of living a long life have been told. Dan Buettner, who studied for 20 years, has told through this documentary that small families or living alone People living in large and joint families live longer than people with…

The reason is that today children are living in small nuclear families, where along with the father, the mother also works outside the whole day, the nanny is taking care of the children in empty houses. If the child is alone then he also goes into depression. Relatives kept coming and going. Due to lack of luxuries, people used to become hard-working and responsible unknowingly. Now children neither see guests nor lack, everything is available to them on an order, hence the lack of responsibility in them is decreasing. Used to be. Today, in loneliness, even a small scolding starts hurting the children and on many occasions they even commit suicide. Because there was always someone elder in the family, like uncles, aunts, uncles, their children, etc., with whom they could express everything that was in their heart without any hesitation, things that we were afraid to say even to our parents, but today in a silent house. There is no one who has the time to understand or listen to children, due to which they feel lonely, if they have anyone in the name of relationships then they are teddy bears and barbie dolls who can neither listen to them nor understand them nor explain them.

This means that the dream of some industrialists seen many decades ago is now coming true; people are becoming self-reliant but families are being left behind. Being single, they are earning for these corporate companies, be it dolls to play with, online orders for food, trips to grandparents’ places, tourist resorts, every place where they are spending money is only for corporates.

We are not advocating for increasing the population, we are just telling that if the families get smaller then who benefits, whose property is increasing, from two children now people have come down to only one child, you can guess for yourself what will happen in future. That means there will be a society and there will be people but everyone will be alone and those lonely people will be earning only for the corporate. Think whether small families are happy or big families.

Rajeev choudhary

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