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Detoxification: Cleanse your Body By simple Tricks and Tips

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Dr. Aastha Bhardwaj

Detox – or detox – is a trendy word.

Usually, this means following a certain diet or using certain products designed to rid your body of toxins to improve your health and promote weight loss. The body doesn`t really need a special diet or expensive supplements to eliminate toxins. However, some strategies can help activate the body’s natural detoxification system, means blood purifying. This is done by removing impurities from the blood in the liver, where all toxins are processed for elimination. The body also eliminates toxins through the excretory system (Kidneys), intestine, pleura, lymphatic system, and dermis. However, when these systems are compromised, pollutants are not properly filtered, which can have adverse effects on the body.

Common misguidance about Detoxification


A detox diet is designed to get rid of the body from toxins, improve health, and promote weight loss. Often use laxatives, diuretics, vitamins, minerals, teas, and other foods that are thought to have detoxifying properties.

The term “toxin” in the context of the detox diet is broad. These typically include pollutants, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, and processed foods that can have adverse health effects. However, typical detox diets rarely specify the specific toxins they seek to eliminate or the mechanisms they claim to eliminate.

Symptoms body shows before Detoxification

Below are the symptoms you need to understand when it’s the right time for your body to detox.  

 – Headaches


– Gas

– Constipation

– Diarrhea

– Foul-smelling stools

– Heartburn

– Sleep problems

– Low concentration

– Increased Appetite

– Water Retention

– Weight Loss Problems

– Rash

– Skin Problems

– Eczema

– Psoriasis

– Stomatitis

– Acne

– Drowsiness

– Foul Breathing

AYURVEDA: The Natural cleanser

The human body has a natural capability to detox itself. Our bodies have multiple frameworks for processing waste. The Detox Framework plays the biggest role in detox. This framework’s most visible activities are bowel movement and elimination. The basic organs that make up the excretory structure are the skin, liver, lungs, internal organs, and kidneys. It may surprise you to learn that your skin is part of your eliminatory system, but it’s true that your skin helps your sweat glands empty. Although the purpose of sweat is thermoregulation, it is a multifunctional scaffold. As sweat flows through the sweat glands, it takes toxins with it.

The role of other organs is also important. The liver’s job is to filter out waste products, hormones, drugs, and other foreign substances. Lungs help expel carbon dioxide from the body. The large intestine also has many important functions like it absorbs moisture and remaining supplements. It also converts waste products into faeces and eliminates them from the body through defecation. The kidneys filter the blood and help remove waste products from the body by urinating. The entire body depends on this framework to live a healthy life. Your body is detoxifying all the time, day and night. In fact, even your mind flushes out toxins while you sleep. It’s important to take care of these organs and keep them functional.


Process of Detoxificaton


Eat only hygiene Food and Freshly Prepared ones:


Say yes! Too only Organic Food and Junk free lifestyle.

The number one reason toxins accumulate is the daily consumption of fried, refined, processed, and packaged foods. Excess oil, salt, and sugar act as toxins and cause a variety of medical problems early in life.

 In addition, the products of pesticide-sprayed soil can harm the body as well. So if you want to detox your body, it’s important to take the stress off your body. Choose organic fruits and vegetables instead of consuming processed foods. Also, remember to keep oil, salt, and sugar to a minimum.

 Stay Hydrated:

For detoxifying your body, nothing beats water. Water is not only necessary for survival, but it also helps remove unwanted toxins that take up a lot of space in your body. Consume 5-6 liters of water daily for great results. Not only does water help you remove impurities efficiently, it also helps you lose weight, say goodbye to skin problems and boost your energy levels in the best possible way. You can also add strawberries and lemons for a healthy and delicious detox drink.

Exercise Regularly:

Exercise is one way to say yes to a healthy body. You sweat a lot during exercise, and sweating is one way your skin flushes out toxins. The skin can excrete metals such as arsenic, lead, and mercury through perspiration. Like defecation and urination, sweating is a very effective method of detoxification. Exercise not only keeps you healthy, but it also helps you flush out unwanted toxins.

Do Fasting:

Try eating fruits and vegetables for a day or two instead of heavy meals. This will give your digestive tract a break and help it rejuvenate properly. Fasting fruits and vegetables will not only make you lighter, but it will also give your bowels a good rest, so be happy to see that effect. I can!

Eat Only Green Veggies:

Smoothies are not only delicious, they are also nutritious. Smoothies can be made with green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale. Alternatively, you can add cucumber, lettuce, beets, carrots, apples, bananas, and strawberries to a glass of antioxidant drink. This activity supports your immunity and effectively aids the detoxification process.

Drink more Tea:

Tea is rich in antioxidants that help slow cell damage and keep the body looking more youthful. It is highly moisturizing and cleanses the body of impurities. When it comes to tea selection, green tea is probably the safest choice: it’s rich in antioxidants and tastes the best. However, black tea also has many detoxifying benefits. For best results, drink at least two cups of tea per day.

Detoxification through European Science point of view

When starting to detox your body, you first need to reduce your toxin load. Eliminate alcohol, coffee, tobacco, refined sugars, saturated fats, and anything else that acts as a toxin in the body and interferes with the healing process. Also, minimize the use of chemical-based household cleaning products and personal health care products (detergents, shampoos, deodorants, toothpastes) and replace them with natural alternatives. Another obstacle to health is stress. This causes the body to release stress hormones into the body. While these hormones provide the “adrenaline rush” to win races and meet deadlines, they also produce large amounts of toxins and slow down the liver’s detoxification enzymes. Yoga, chi gong, and meditation are simple and effective ways to reduce stress by resetting your physical and mental reactions to life’s inevitable stresses. Bold fit offers yoga mats, props, accessories, and meditation sheets for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners alike.

 Why choosing right Detox Program is important?

There are many detox programs and detox recipes available, depending on your individual needs. As Bennett explains, many programs follow his seven-day schedule because “the body needs time to cleanse the blood.” His program includes two days of liquid fasting followed by his carefully planned five-day detox diet to give his digestive system a rest. Page recommends a 3 to 7 days juice fast (drinking only fresh fruit and vegetable juices and water) as an effective way to release toxins. His five most popular detox diets are:

  1. Easy Fruit and Vegetable Detox
  • Smoothie Cleanse
  • Juice Cleanse
  • Sugar Detox
  • Hypoallergenic Detox


After your detox program, you can cleanse your body daily with these supplements and lifestyle habits.

Dr. Aastha Bhardwaj

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