May 29, 2024

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Who is behind the ongoing protests across the world?

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In the context of recent protests, Canada’s truck demonstration remains a topic of international discussion. This demonstration has been named as an “Freedom Convoy . It is being told that the independent convoy is the anger of those truck drivers who arose against the new rule of Corona Vaccine. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has now declared a state of emergency to end this nearly two-week-long movement.

But in such a situation, the question is that when the vaccine was necessary, only five truck drivers went towards the capital Ottawa in protest and on seeing how a huge convoy was formed? In fact, in the elections held last year, Trudeau’s Liberal Party, also known as the Left Party, won 158 seats. Which was 12 less than the 170 seats needed for a majority in the 338-seat House of Commons. While the main opposition party, the Conservative Party, won only 119 seats. Erin O’Toole, the conservative leader of this party, had accepted defeat. Taking the help of the popularity of father Pierre Trudeau, Trudeau won the 2015 election in the same way.


It is being told that Canada basically follows Christianity. Most of the schools are occupied by some sort of orthodox clergy, who are expert players in pulling the country towards the church. This is the reason why a large number of people here are attached to the Conservative Party. There is also news that Trudeau has settled a large number of Muslims in Canada during his tenure. That is, in order to show themselves as liberal liberals, Muslims were given full visas. When Muslims come, now there is a large number of violence, rape, arson. Law takes its own course but still there is anger among people about it. Like in the past, a truck driver in the Canadian province of Ontario had overpowered a Pakistani-origin Muslim family. In which four family members were killed. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan called it Islamophobia and Trudeau called it a terrorist attack.

In a way, many of Trudeau’s liberal policies are not liked by conservative groups and people. The leader of this conservative party is “Erin O’Toole”, he clearly lives against Trudeau’s policies. Erin O’Toole was also said to be involved in the 2019 protests.

In such a situation, the question is, can a single opposition leader play such a big political “game”? Or is there another player behind this game? A search reveals that there is an organization in Canada called the “Canada Unity” group, which was founded by James Bowder, a supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theories. This group of trucks was the only one in this Declaration of “Freedom Convoy. After which a large number of trucks left for Ottawa.

The QAnon Conspiracy, by the way, is an old political gimmick or a political conspiracy. But now it has been called the QAnon Conspiracy. It is also called American political conspiracy theory and mass political movement. It rests on false claims made by anonymous person or persons who spread rumours. This is known as “Q”, and some call it a group of demons.

Actually, these anonymous people protest by becoming supporters. No political power can understand them. For example, for the latest example, we understand it from the defeat of US President Trump. In fact, the first post by Q in support of Trump was in October 2017 on the anonymous Imageboard website. This post was in favor of Trump. Trump also took full advantage of this in the beginning. As a result, QAnon followers began to appear at Trump’s election campaign rallies in August 2018 wearing masks, posting in support of Trump, and Trump also growing QAnon accounts through retweets from his Twitter account.

When the US election came, a video clip went viral in America. In which a white police officer is seen kneeling on the neck of an unarmed black man named George Floyd. A few minutes later, George Floyd dies. This video goes viral and on seeing it, racial violence starts in America. As soon as this violence starts, it is suddenly reversed by QAnon and the whole strategy of Trump fails. Trump lost the election. As a result, unhappy Trump supporters also attacked the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. But the instigator of this attack was also QAnon because these people were wearing strange masks in this too.

Later, more than 700 people were charged in the attack but a large number of accused were charged with minor sections due to the large number of accused saying that they did not know who was provoking them.

However, many media sources also claim QAnon to be anti-Semitic. While many attribute these conspiracy theories to a large media conglomerate of media companies and social media troll accounts backed by Russia and China.

Trump and some experts described QAnon as a cult. But no one is to blame for this. These are done by unknown anonymous person or persons. Now Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is also going to be a victim of this conspiracy. Because on the one hand there is the “Canada Unity” group, on the other they have got together with Tamara Lich. Tamara Licht may belong to the right-wing Maverick Party, which calls for independence for western Canada, but is believed to be the leader who sparked the truck convoy in the Canada Protest. The third is that of a former member of Trudeau’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police security detail. Together they have planned to replace the elected government of Canada.

Now the question is, how does all this start and how does a spark turn into a fire? In fact, initially only five trucks were present in the Canadian “Freedom Convoy. Suddenly private trucks and cars followed them. Soon it became a convoy of fifty thousand vehicles. Even today, ninety-nine percent of the truck drivers there are patting their backs, but they do not even know when their movement secretly became a victim of the QAnon conspiracy. Because 25 percent of the children were brought along by trucks. Not only the movement, but former President Donald Trump, who himself became a victim of this conspiracy, also promoted these QAnon. Issuing a statement attacking the harsh policies of the far left Justin Trudeau. Trump was joined by big Fox News personalities, including Tesla’s billionaire owner “Elon Musk” who tweeted in support of him.

This can be called a successful experiment. As soon as the support was received, the protesters became silent in many places and furious in many places. Some protesters spat and urinated at Canada’s National War Memorial. At some places, flags resembling “Swastika” were waved. Several protesters also waved obscene words referring to Trudeau and flags indicating insults. Because of this, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency, saying the protests posed a threat to the safety of residents. He said, many people were being harassed. However, now a state of emergency has been imposed in Canada. In the next few days, the matter may calm down, but in the coming days it is certain that QAnon does not give up easily and succumbs only by changing power.


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