May 22, 2024

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Anupama’s story from Kerala, which shows the extent to which people can be ruthless

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It’s October. A woman reached in front of the Secretariat of Kerala. There was a board in hand, on which was written ‘Shame Kerala’ in Malayalam. This woman is fighting to get back her one year old son. The son who was born as soon as he was born was separated from the mother. He was put for adoption without the consent of his mother. What is the whole matter? Let’s know.

Anupama S Chandran is a resident of Thiruvananthapuram. She was in love with a man named Ajit Kumar. Ajit Kumar was already married. A year ago, Anupama gave birth to a son. Anupama’s family members separated the child from her as soon as she was born. Against the will of the mother, the child was dropped at the Ammathottai center run by the Child Welfare Council (CWC). The children left in this center remain in the care of the Children’s Commission for a few days and then they are given for adoption.

According to the India Today report, Ajit divorced his first wife and married Anupama shortly after the birth of the child. Anupama and Ajit are looking for the child since their marriage. In April this year, Anupama lodged a missing complaint at a police station in Thiruvananthapuram. The police questioned him about this but did not register an FIR. Anupama felt that the police was trying to avoid the matter. So he complained about the matter to the state DGP Loknath Behera. Along with this, he talked to CPM leaders Brinda Karat and Anavoor Nagappan about this on 29 April. After this the police started investigating the matter.

In August, Anupama was told by the police that her child was with the Children’s Commission. However, in early August, the child was adopted by a couple from Andhra Pradesh. Anupama complained at many places against the child being given in adoption without her consent, but she was not heard anywhere. After this, he started a protest outside the secretariat in October. His performance not only caught the attention of people in Kerala but also from outside the state. The result was that the police registered an FIR against Anupama’s father Jay Chandran PS on October 19.

Anupama continued to demand that her son be handed over to her. The child was brought from Andhra Pradesh to Kerala on 21 November. In Kerala, he has been kept by the CWC. The child’s DNA test was done on 22 November. The report is expected in the next two to three days.

What about Anupama’s family?

Anupama’s father Jayachandran PS is a CPM leader. Local leaders of Thiruvananthapuram. He says that at the time of the birth of the child, Ajit did not show seriousness about the divorce. He also said that with the consent of Anupama, he had kept the child in Ammathottil of CWC. So that Anupama’s sister can get married. Jayachandran also said that he had also signed an agreement with Anupama, in which it was written that if the child’s father comes to her after divorce from his first wife, then she can take the child from CWC. They allege that Anupama and Ajit went to the police to defame the CPM, while they should have taken the help of the family earlier.

Her child was separated from a woman without her consent. He was adopted without his consent. Simply because the woman was not married when the child was born. The daughter kept getting worried for her child, but the family kept worrying that if the child comes home, what face will he show to the people. A condition was placed in front of a mother that if she wants a child, she will have to come with her father. We are living in 21st century. We are talking about Kerala, where the sex ratio and literacy rate are exemplified in the whole country.


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