May 26, 2024

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Why is Palestine concerned why not Afghanistan?

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There is a saying in English that Hippocracy is a tribute which keeps giving time to time. That is, hypocrisy is a tribute, which keep giving time to time. It was in the same year that the date was May 16, the 57-member Organization of Islamic Countries OIC on Palestine issued a joint statement condemning Israel’s action against the terrorist organization Hamas. In which it was said that Israel should stop taking the lives of innocent Palestinians.

Whereas the fight was between the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas and the sovereign nation of Israel. But still on May 16, supporters of Islam in America demonstrated in many other American cities, including Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, demanding an end to Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip. Thousands of people held up posters of Palestine independence taxes and the Intifada Rebellion. Now Taliban terrorists are wreaking havoc in Afghanistan for the last one month but no protest poster is visible anywhere. What Imran Khan was saying with crocodile tears in his eyes, we stand with Gaza, we stand with Palestine, now his Twitter account is silent. Rather, he is openly threatening the Afghan government if we conduct air strikes against the Taliban, we will not keep quiet.

Whereas on May 28 of the same year it was reported that Turkey and Pakistan had started mobilizing the international community against Israel over the airstrikes on Gaza. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi left for Turkey to garner support for the issue at the United Nations General Assembly. Meanwhile, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan had also made an appeal to his countrymen to hold big demonstrations and wave the posters of Save Gaza Save Palestine.

But now the havoc wreaked on Kabul and the death of 27 Afghan children is not visible to anyone. This clearly shows that if a Muslim is attacked by a non-Muslim, then it should be necessary to raise the noise of leftists and Islamic people. Apart from this, when Muslims attack non-Muslims it should be called Jihad but when any Taliban attack Kabul, or when ISIS creates havoc in Syria or Iraq, it should be silenced. For example, we should cry over Gaza, we should laugh at Kabul, this is what is happening today.

At the time of the attack on Hamas, Delhi Congress VP Ali Mehdi, wishing Israel’s destruction to the Jewish nation, said on Twitter that Allah will destroy Israel Inshallah Allah Hu Akbar. Asaduddin Owaisi also shared a video saying that Palestine does not want any protector when they have Allah. And tweeted and wrote, we do not need any Muslim or emperor, for Palestine, our Allah is enough for us. After this, Congress leader Salman Nizami also raised slogans to save Palestine and shared a video of an airstrike, tweeting that their blood is in the hands of Israel, we will not forget! Save Palestine.

When there was nothing to say against Israel, someone Sharjeel Usmani came forward asking people to boycott brands like Puma and HP. And also calls for a ban on the caterpillar bulldozer because it is used for the demolition of Palestinian homes and farms. When the matter was made here, Osmani also joined the Death to Occupation campaign which calls for liberation from foreign occupation in Kashmir and Palestine.

Not only this, film actress Swara Bhaskar also came forward and sent a tweet to Israel in her tweet. After this, the Tipu Sultan party, which claimed to be registered with the Election Commission of India, threw its wisdom that Israel did not exist as a nation until a few decades ago and started running a Buy Quote Israel campaign on Twitter. Now someone should ask this Tipu Sultan party that till a few decades ago there were no Pakistan and Bangladesh, did they ever launch a campaign to boycott Pakistan or Bangladesh on Twitter?

That is, now you understand that there are two incidents, one incident between the terrorist organization Hamas and Israel, such a ruckus is created on social media about it as if Israel is destroying this world and killing democracy. On the other hand, one after the other explosions in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, in which children, women and mostly school girls are killed. A terrorist organization challenges a democratic government in front of the whole world. But the religious media, tainted by the poison of hypocrisy, no words come out of the mouth of the Naxalite Left liberal intellectuals criticizing the radical Sunni organization. All the media of the world is presenting the violence of Taliban as if it is going to give new consciousness, new democracy and constitution to the world.

Now the news is being run, will the Taliban win, or Afghanistan: A fierce battle in Lashkar Gah, will the Taliban get a significant victory? It is reported that the fighting between the Taliban and the Afghan army has intensified in the Helmand province of Afghanistan. The Taliban have entered Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand province, where they have captured the provincial office of state radio and television and began broadcasting here after 20 years.

Afghan Taliban’s chief spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed on his Twitter account on Saturday that the Afghan army had targeted a major Lashkar Gah hospital with fighter jets provided by the Indian government.

Now you must be thinking that Zabihullah Mujahid, the main spokesman of Taliban and can terrorists on Twitter also be on Twitter? Absolutely Taliban may be on Twitter but this Twitter suspends Trump Trump’s account permanently saying that US President Trump is spreading hatred. According to them, if Trump spreads hatred, he is removed from Twitter, but the Taliban is distributing love in Afghanistan for the last 25 years, serving the Afghans by stained with bombs, guns, they must be on Twitter, this will strengthen Islam and Brother will spread the fodder.

Perhaps the guide line for this is that if the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas is attacked, Twitter will shout. Will serve the world a false picture of the helplessness of Muslims, but there will be violence in Kabul, if there will be bombings, then it will dive into the water like a raining frog. Because if a Muslim kills a Muslim, then Islam will survive, but when an Israeli attack on Hamas or the army of any country kills terrorist Burhan Wani, then the head of that army will become a street goon. This is a simple policy, there is no need to put more mind, the agenda is clear in the educated world, but still people get swayed by the rumors of these daily newspaper leaders and gangs of journalists.


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