May 29, 2024

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Why are male teachers coming to school wearing skirts?

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On hearing the name of the country of Spain, the first thing that comes to our mind is the bull fight, but in today’s Spain, it is not a bull but a skirt fighting is going on. According to a report in Daily Mail, it was a few days ago. 15-year-old Michael Gomez, studying in a Spanish school, arrived wearing a skirt. This school was in Bilbao City, Spain. Seeing Michael do this, he was expelled and sent to a psychologist. After this, Michael also put a Tiktok video, in which it was told that he wore a skirt to support feminism and diversity.

This is a bit strange topic for us Indians but believe me the topic is interesting, which measures the distance between man and woman with clothes. Have you ever been surprised to see a girl in a pant-shirt or kurta pyjama! Probably not, because this is a common thing. But if a boy goes out on the road wearing a sari wearing a suit salwar, then it will probably be a hoax. People would stop and look back. Maybe, many people even started making videos of this panoramic scene because the scene itself is completely different, the boy is wearing the clothes of the girl.

Just this happened thousands of kilometers away from India, when male teachers in Spanish schools wearing girls’ skirts started going to teach children and on seeing this it became a movement of Spain. But where did this movement begin with the expulsion of student Michael Gomez? No! Actually this is the matter of June 2017 in Devon, UK, some boys went to the school administration and said sir we feel hot in full pants, can we come to school wearing half pants? For example, the boys requested to change the uniform, which the school administration refused. What was it then the next day about 30 boys who were in high school all came to their class wearing skirts. There was panic in the school, the boys said that if girls are invited to school wearing skirts, then what is the problem with our half pants? Some people called the protest by the students shameful, while some people appreciated it and said that we are proud that children raised their voice for their rights, if people talk about equal rights of women and men then school uniform Why be different?

Now something similar happened in Spain, as soon as Michael was expelled from the skirt teacher, many teachers and students of the school came in his support and reached the school wearing skirts. He also put a picture of himself on Twitter and wrote with the tweet “Clothes have no gender” and seeing a movement started in Spain. Many students and teachers supported this movement. According to the report of Daily Mail, now many people are supporting this movement on social media. In a town in Spain, even some old school students wearing skirts are gathering every four of the month. Parents of many students are also supporting this campaign.

If seen, the controversy deepened regarding the clothes of men and women. I don’t know how other people will take this incident but in the Indian society in which we were born, it would be called a ridiculous way to protest in this way. Because like in other countries, there is talk of equality of women in the social form, but if a man acts in a genial manner, then he will be despised by calling him a kinnar or a naamard. Take the discussion of 2013 Ramlila Maidan, it is said that Baba Ramdev came out from there wearing a suit-salwar, but understanding the situation of that time, many people still make fun of Baba ji and make mimes.

Now no matter how much feminists talk about equality from the forums, women are considered less than men. In dress, in thinking, in gait and even in fighting. That is why the death anniversary of Queen Laxmibai of Jhansi is celebrated by saying something like “Khoob ladi mardani she to Jhansi wali rani thi” Does the world only like masculinity? Do we respect the Rani of Jhansi only because she fought like a man? if not! Then a woman revolutionary can also be respected in such a way that “Khoob Ladi Janani Woh To Jhansi Wali Rani Thi” If a girl opposes molestation or stands in front of chaotic elements, then it is usually possible to call that belligerent woman a man. It has become a trend. That is, only a man can fight, not a woman. Whereas in history there are many names of women who fought the enemy firmly.

Now I don’t know whether it is the teachers of Spain or the children of Britain wearing those skirts are protesting all this or showing some mirror to the global society that if wearing women’s clothes is an act of shame, then how many women have been wearing these clothes for centuries. Shame on you.

It is not that women were weak earlier or are weak now. In fact, in this patriarchal society, boys are forbidden to show tenderness. At a very young age they are told that it is not the job of men to cry or show emotion. Boys are portrayed as strong and masculine, while girls have been described as soft-spoken and gentle.

However, after delving into this turmoil, I realized that the problem may actually lie in the environment rather than the sexual behavior or dress of women. We can guess this from news to social environment as well, for example, when news of sports comes, then cricketer or footballer means male player. When Jhulan Goswami became the highest wicket-taker in a tournament, she had to write ‘Women Cricketer’ in front of her name. But if Bhuvneshwar Kumar makes the same record, would a male cricketer have been written in front or behind his name?

Natural ability should be used, whether male or female – equal opportunity, equal respect should be given to all. There is no doubt about the equality of both, but the similarity would be called madness. We should neither make women into men nor men into women. They are natural as they are. Just come forward to accept the same thing.

By-Rajeev choudhary

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