May 29, 2024

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Are we became biological bombs for others?

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That was the day of 24 August 2016 when Dana Manjhi had to carried dead body of his wife, Late Amang Devi, on his shoulders and had forced to walk about 10 km at ​​Kalahandi in Odisha. His 12-years old daughter was crying and also walking along with him. As soon as, the picture of Dana Manjhi became viral at that time on social media, human compassion of people all around the world waken up, he has sympathized with and gotten help from people.

It was an incident of that time when people became pallbearers for their deceased enemies also, so they became empathetic for single pallbearer Dana Manjhi Five years have passed for this incident, yesterday near my residence, a 30 years old young man has passed away who was suffered from Corona. At night around 3 o’clock two members of his family were carrying his dead body on strature and taking it out of the street. Two women of his family were crying in house. After their sound of cry, people peeped out and immediately closed their doors.

At last family kept the dead body in an outside parked ambulance and went away for cremation. Not only but also it carried empathy of people along with itself. But it is not fault of people, they are scared so much from Corona for last year that despite being any death from common illness, even relatives are reluctant to meet. They are even closing doors of their houses also.

There are numerous heart-breaking incidents from different parts of the country. The world has seen helplessness of a husband in Odisha, who bundled up dead body of his wife and carried it on his shoulders as pedestrian. People have seen the incident of converting a son into a dead body on shoulders of his father due to unavailability of ambulance and scarcity of medical facilities in Kanpur. The photograph of Police also rapidly got viral in which they have brutally dragged an unidentified corpse at Vaishali, in Bihar In Bhagalpur, there was an another incident which was shame on humanity in which Railway Police has covered an unidentified dead body and then ended up their duties in this form.

In same city, at Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College Hospital, a trolley man of hospital was demanding Rs. 50 from the family members of patient just because of transferring patient from one department to another for the purpose of stitching. After expressing the inability of family members of patient, trolley man left the patient as it is. In a video, a boy is telling that i barely found dead body of my father for lie in state we have paid Rs.2000 but after seeing the face we found that it was corpse of someone else.

I have read a news relating to Lucknow where Rs. 5000 has charged in the name of funeral while according to the norms no charges can be recovered. These are few instances only which are being repeated day by day. Somewhere on the name of rules and regulations and somewhere due to corruption human commiserations are dying off. Infected people are barely admitted in hospitals, if anyhow they are admitted then they are forced to die in lack of oxygen and after that it is hard for finding  pallbearers for their dead bodies. If anyhow human resources are arranged and ambulance is available for the dead bodies then it is hard to find places at cemetery. If anyhow places are arranged at cemetery then people are bound to pay huge amount for that. In Udaipur, Judge Soni Kovid was himself surprised to see the situation when he reached the crematorium as the family of the deceased, the brokers were being charged fifteen thousand rupees in lieu of taking the body of the deceased Kovid from the ambulance and placing it on the pyre. Another one, several days ago, at Beed in Maharashtra, in an ambulance 22 dead bodies are tamped and 3-3 dead bodies are cremated on a single funeral pyre in the crematorium. After seeing this condition of dead bodies, not only  humans but also corpse are bound to speak “treat like humans”.

So far, instances of Dana Manjhi and the death of a woman kicking her heels at the gate of a maternity hospital due to not being able to slip in PMCH, filled us with condolences but today that condolence is nowhere to be seen. It is not just the fear of corona but also the death of our sensations, because the doctors after injecting  patients, leave empty syringes there and force relatives of patients to lift them. But such incidents are not taken into considerations due to political influences.

In this era of Corona, fear seems to be defeating our humanity and human emotions. Just because of fear, we are not present to help our loved ones. But if we are present for others today, then they are the parts which express sensation from machine produced messages, SMS, Icons of smartphones. For example, Corona has made the sensations of man invisible and has expanded the multiplicity of virtual reality and virtual world. That means, this fear has brought us to the point where we have started to scare with each other. We have started to see and understand each other as biological bombs.

This fear has transformed our “human body” into a mere biologic body, now it seems that we are a society that has no value except to keep itself alive. It seems that we have started believing only in a bare life, that is, in life and not in anything. In clear words if I say, in this era of fear, we have started forgetting all the values ​​of our natural life, such as friendship, social relations, work, affection, and religious attachment, or say that we have cremated our emotions.

BY- Rajeev Choudhary

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