May 26, 2024

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Emerging questions and answers in democracy

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Just Imagine when the world’s largest democracy and the fifth big superpower get scared merely by the tweet of one porn star, and the followers of the rulers of that country get down to reply and then understand that there are huge tremors to shake the power?

In fact, against the agricultural law, the farmers’ movement has been going on for more than two months on the border of Delhi, the capital of the country. Even though this movement has not yet met the farmers’ demand, the response from all over the world is showing that the movement is taking a global form. Due to this, Greta, Rihanna Mia Khalifa’s tweet scared the world’s largest democracy. It leads the Foreign Ministry and the investigating agency to sit and answer them.

However, new alleged nationalist vultures who have come out of the country’s WhatsApp and Facebook University are not averse to calling farmers as traitors and terrorists. That is, a new nationalism is emerging, in which opposition to government policy is being said to be opposing the country. If it is right, then what is a democracy, what is its definition, who will answer it? India is a consortium of states or the whole country, who ask these questions, are also seen as traitors and opposition. Perhaps mentally deranged people do not know how democracy runs. It seems that they run with sticks and guns to people who speak against the government, as written in the letter sent by BJP MLA from Loni- Nandkishore Gujjar to the Home Ministry.

Knowledge of history is important otherwise, you cannot write a future when Acharya Chanakya revolted against King Dhanananda of Magadha, the soldiers arrested Chanakya and said, “Acharya Chanakya, you are arrested for rebelling against Magadha, then Chanakya Had said, “My rebellion is against Dhananand, and a single Dhananand cannot be a complete Magadh” Today once again the same atmosphere is seen, one Prime Minister elected by self-proclaimed patriots, one Prime Minister criticizes Prime Minister, criticizes India and opposes Government policy Opposition is being told.

Democracy runs not with stubbornness but resilience, which the stubbornness neither the ruler nor the country. Due to Yhiya khan insistence on imposing an Urdu language on East Pakistan, the new country Bangladesh stands in our neighborhood today. Those who are not sure, they once read 1971. Today, after losing half the country, Yhiya khan Bhakt says that there was a conspiracy of the foreign enemy, exactly the same is being followed in India today.

Apart from this, many examples are in front of us. Anti-democracy Hitler believed that blind faith is imposed on the person instead of intellect and conscience, then blind faith encourages people to make the biggest sacrifice for the nation. Many types of blind faith were generated among the German people and they were called nation-building even if the wall was pulled between Berlin. Today in our country too, superstition is being imposed from both the power and the opposition. People are sharing each other with the elements of patriotism and betrayal.

Sometimes such elements were distributed in the Soviet Union, the administration was inactive in the tug of war between the ideology of democracy and dictatorship. Separatism erupted in a violent form, Gorbachev left the bag but the Soviet Union was disintegrated into 15 parts.

Therefore, the values ​​of democracy have to be understood, the public representatives will have to understand, you are not a king, rather you are a representative. Do not form a deaf government like the British. The capital of the world’s largest democracy and there is no place to speak! The farmers are sitting on the border pleading and you are ignoring. Why can’t our capital be like Hyde Park or America’s White House? What is happening in the country’s capital, Delhi? There is no question of shouting slogans in front of Jantar Mantar bandh, Parliament Street bandh, Vote Club bandh, North and South Blocks for demonstrations, no one should reach his voice to the Prime Minister, Government? If someone wants to sit on the border and keep his point, then cover his shortcomings in it and make a foreign conspiracy likeYhiya khan ?

Democracy has always listened to governments by giving them a platform, so if democracy is to be kept alive, do not stop listening. Rajan, this is not the noise of protest, but this protest is the same platter with the songs of democracy, which have always been tilak on the frontier of power Due to this protest, there is a tilak on your forehead and will be done further. Do not consider the people as people and people as the king, from the Roman Empire to the Ottoman Empire, the Mughal Shashan British Empire, under whose rule the sun did not sink, read history where it is today.

If all these foreign examples are taken, then history is leaving an emerald which is the context of Kalidasa’s major work Abhigyanasakuntalam, when Mata Gautami reaches outside Dushyant’s palace in the middle of the night and asks the soldier if I meet King Dushyant at this time. If I can, the soldier says, “Mother” is your fundamental right as a citizen, you play the hour, the sleeping Dushyant will definitely come out of the palace. Today, lakhs of farmers are sitting on the border of the capital, but even today the self-proclaimed king is not ready to listen to the distant things.

Whenever conspiracies are seen in this protest, let the screams of millions of farmers reach through your ears to your heart and mind, and then ask yourself what kind of gift of politics and democracy is being left for the next generations?

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