May 19, 2024

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How old is the Arab country and Israel conflict

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Lebanon’s Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has claimed that his organization has doubled its missile power within a year, and now it can attack anywhere in Israel and capture Palestinian territories. He also said that he would also avenge the death of Kasim Sulemani, the top commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Amid this backdrop, firstly, let’s know the small background about the creation of Israel state. From where Israel came and carved between the Islamic countries and why all Islamic countries consider it their enemy, then how that map of Central Asia which Israel took six days to draw some 53 years ago. Modern Zionism or Zionism was conceived in 1896 from Theodore Hurlz’s book The Jewish State. The 1917 Balfour Declaration supported the formation of a nation for the Jewish people. According to Proposition 181 of the United Nations General Assembly in 1947, the Jewish state is mentioned 30 times, dividing Palestine into two parts. The 1948 Declaration of the Establishment of Israel mentions the Jewish state five times, and it is written that we proclaim… that the Jewish state is established in Eres Israel, which will be known as the State of Israel. That is, a few years after the massacre of 6 million Jews by the Nazis, the dream of establishing a Jewish state was fulfilled.

This way, Israel’s country was created, but the Muslim countries of Arabia could not digest it.  Not only has this, but Pakistan also never recognized Israel as a country till date. To eradicate Israel’s existence, which came into existence in 1948, many attacks were done by the Arab countries, which failed one by one. In the first attack in 1948, only all of these nations gathered but later, they had to run back.

The Palestinians named the creation of Israel in the year 1948 as al-Naqba or destruction. The defeat of Arab countries by Israel was such a political tsunami-like incident that after this, the region is unstable so far.

After being defeated at the hands of ,Israel’s the embarrassed army of Muslim countries attacked their own countries, a military coup ensued in Syria. A faction led by Nasser ousted the Sultan of Egypt from power. Where Arab countries were unhappy with this, Israel could never forget that its neighbouring countries had tried to eradicate it. That is, both sides were well aware that the next battle will happen sooner or later.

It is said that time is a very powerful thing. In the 1950s and 1960s, it was the duration of the Cold War that added fuel to the fire in the atmosphere of mistrust and tension. The Soviet Union gave modern fighter aircraft to Egypt. Israel had a close friendship with the US, but it had not yet become the largest country to receive US defense assistance. In 1960, Israel acquired aircraft from France and tanks from Britain, post which Israel populated more than one million Jewish immigrants. Serving in the military was made a mandatory condition for those coming to Israel. By 1967, Yitzhak reached the highest level of the Robin Army.

On the other hand, Egyptian dictator Nasir now focused on the entire Muslim world. He believed that it is necessary to eradicate Israel’s existence to restore the national pride of Muslims.

By the year 1967, Egypt joined the battle of Yemen, and many Muslim countries joined each other. Eventually, the tensions between Israel and Arab countries were increasing. On the other hand, Arab radio stations and Israeli newspapers were terribly threatening each other.

The people of Israel were scared somewhere, and the result was that the clouds of despair surfaced all over Israel. The government started collecting coffins and religious leaders, considering the time of Emergency, started converting the public parks into graveyards. In such conditions, Prime Minister Levi Eshkol’s speech on 28 May did the rest of the work. His language was stuttering during the speech, and he was not able to choose his words properly. In the meeting following his speech, the military generals of Israel severely criticized the Prime Minister.

When all the generals were abusing him, Brigadier Journal Ariel Sharon shouted that Mr. Prime Minister, we have lost our biggest weapon, and that weapon is our fear. Still, the highly trained, disciplined, staunch Israeli soldiers were in full swing to fight to defend their country and were ready to go for war.

The clashes at the border provoked tension. Palestinian guerrilla fighters broke the fence and came inside the border. Israel condemned the attack as “terroristic”, and then to prevent such attacks; it took full retaliation. As it finally happened, on 5 June 1967, open war between Israel and the Arab countries was declared. The Israeli Air Force bombarded on the Egyptian air bases near Cairo, in the Suez desert. This attack had broken Egypt’s back. The Israeli Air Force destroyed about 300 Egyptian aircraft in 3 hours. There was chaos in the whole world when the information about this attack was released.

The Arab countries started sending their forces to the Israeli border, but Israel had taken the lead by then. The Israeli Air Force bombed the airport in Cairo several times. The Emergency was declared in Egypt. Jordan also followed Egypt’s footsteps and imposed martial law there and came in support of Egypt. After this, there was news on Radio Syria that Israel has attacked them. Syria also sent its army in support of Egypt.

So far, Iraq, Kuwait, Sudan, Algeria, Yemen, and then Saudi Arabia also jumped in this war along with Syria. Jerusalem was the center of this attack. There occurred a face-to-face clash between Israel and Jordan there. Syrian planes targeted Haifa, a city along the coastline, while Israel attacked Damascus Airport. An emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council was held to resolve the issue. America immediately asked all sides to stop fighting.

But in this battle, Israel showed great power. His forces not only defeated these countries but also captured the Gaza Strip. The war finally came to an end on 11 June 1967. More than a thousand Israeli soldiers were killed in this war that lasted six days, while about 20 thousand soldiers of Arab countries lost their lives. That is, in 6 days, Israel overthrew the forces of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. He seized the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, the Golan Hills from Syria, and the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan.

For the first time in two thousand years, Jerusalem’s Jewish holy place was occupied by the Jews themselves. After this, the Palestinians had to be evicted from here on a large scale; along with it a new political equation emerged in the Middle East. Nasir resigned in Egypt, but he had to withdraw this decision after opposition from a million people. After this, he remained at the post until he died in 1970.

Field Marshal Aamir died under mysterious circumstances. His family says he was poisoned. Shah Hussein of Jordan lost East Jerusalem but remained in power. He continued secret talks with Israel, and the two countries reached a peace agreement in 1994.

The commander of the Syrian Air Force captured power in 1970. His name was Hafiz Assad, and after his death in the year 2000, his son Bashar al-Assad succeeded him.

America helped Israel greatly in this war. After 1967, Americans began to look at Israel with a new vision. It fell in love with the young Israelis who defeated the armies of Arab countries.

This war created a wall of hostility between Israel and Arab countries that continues to this day. The result of this war is that most of the territory is under Israeli occupation, it is the area where the demand for creating a Palestine nation continues to rise, and Hamas and Hezbollah sometimes compete with whom Israel shall give treatments from time to time.


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