May 29, 2024

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Why Jesus doesn’t listen to the prayers of the European poor?

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the definition of poverty is generally understood to be that those people who do not have wealth, bungalows, and cannot live a normal life even after working hard, are poor.

It is believed that all these things are related to the basic necessity of our life. And, their absence is also known as economic scarcity. Sociologists, politicians, and also the governments of all countries keep expressing their concerns over this crisis and also make plans to make to deal with it. So, people become equal and empowerment in society and society will raise to the new heights.

But one more poverty is also eating us which is spiritual poverty which is increasing day by day in our country. That is, our people are still looking to change religion and God so that they can get rid of all their troubles. And, for this they may have to do anything.

Seeing an incident of the last days, a family converted to Christianity in Sahpur village belongs to Dobhi police station area in Gaya district of Bihar and adopted the Christian creed. When asked the reason for this, they told us that we were very upset at first because of the ghost haunted the house. We did remedies and also worshiped all the gods, but to no avail then we changed the cult.

It can be called spiritual poverty because if we believe the Sanjay Manjhi, the head of this family, then it shows that God was meant only for their economic benefits and for exorcising the alleged ghosts. Instead of believing in karma, the head of the family had more faith in miracles. That is why he first tested the different Gods and then changed the creed in this test. Maybe they even leave it after a few days.

Actually, this spiritual poverty had started affecting us for the last three thousand years when people left Vedic beliefs and started believing in superstitious hypocrisy and miracles. Then the lies were resorted to, and comparison between the Bible was done with the Gita. Even glorified the people of Europe. People were politically slaves, economically poor, and also manipulated the scriptures which made them intellectually poor too.

It is equally a matter of shame that in this period our religious leaders did not pay attention to it, but only accepted the adulterated lie for their persona gains and self-interest. The benefit of such things is being enjoyed well by Christian missionaries today. The glory of Jesus is being sung and the great men of our country are being insulted and questions are being raised about their existence.

To understand the whole matter, learn with first with an example from a small incident. Some time ago, a pastor was telling people in the tribal area of ​​Jharkhand that the Holocaust is going to occur, the only one who knows how to swim will be saved from this. After this he took out two idols from the pocket- one of Lord Rama and other of Lord Jesus. With respect to the color, designs, and appearance, the two- Lord Rama and Jesus’s were the same. Now the pastor dropped both the idols in a water bucket. Lord Ramachandra’s statue sank because it was made of iron but the wooden statue of Jesus kept floating in the water.

After this episode, the pastor stood up and laughed loudly, saying that you can be saved only by the one who himself knows the floating. If your God drowned himself then how can he save you? But an educated tribal standing nearby understood his trick and said, “Father, you may be right, but Father, here we have a law of fire test. Once you test both the statues on fire than see them. On hearing this, the priest picked up his idols and went away with his idol. More often people are being brought to Christianity just by projecting such lies and deceptions.

Whereas in relation to Jesus, it is said that he was a meat-eater, he drank alcohol. Can anyone, who does all this, attain the height of human religion and meditation? Just because of these facts, the question arises on the claims of his being a great man that how a person who does not have mercy on his purported father’s living beings for the sake of satisfying his stomach’s hunger has ever be the son of God?

Despite these answers, Jesus’ followers are serving the delicacies of miraculous stories of Jesus in the poor backward areas of India. In those stories, Jesus walks on water, flies in the clouds, floats in the winds, and restore life in the dead. Can Jesus’ missionary followers answer that if Jesus could walk on water, then the Pope of the Vatican should have shown up on a small pond or swimming pool! The pastor of a church should also have shown floating for two to four feet in the air so that people could know that he is the representative of Jesus.

The Bible says that anyone who believes in Jesus will perform more miracles than Jesus. Should it be understood today that pastors around the world do not believe in Jesus? Because the Vatican popes were the first to suffer from the Corona epidemic in Italy, then more than 60 clergies in Italy were infected with Corona, but neither Jesus showed any miracle, nor did Pop, but sadly, spiritually One section of poor India is unable to understand this and is becoming a slave of the Vatican by being trapped in these false stories.

Actually, the book of Christians says that Jesus restores life in a corpse named Lazarus. It is a matter of thinking that people used to die every day, even people of his own family died in front of Jesus, he himself was hanged on the cross, then why he made alive only one person and the one they were made alive is no one but his beloved friend Lazarus. But even now people do not want to understand the right things. Whoever says anything, poor people believe it while Christian Missionaries enjoy the benefit of such mindlessness with great pleasure. This is when the Christian missionaries smile and make the people religious victims. They tell the people that due to Jesus your poverty can be removed and your sorrow will be taken away. But people are forgetting that even today, there are millions of beggars in America and Europe. Now people should understand that who is engaged in Christianizing the poor by going to other countries of the world, why they could not do anything for their own beggars, why neither Jesus could overcome their poverty nor Mary. Perhaps this is the reason why Europeans are now running away from the churches.

If seen today, Christianity has become like old clothes, the people of Europe and America wore it first, now when it became dirty, it is being distributed in Asian countries. First, through Christianity, temptations are given that Jesus will overcome the suffering of people. Then putting the burden of these poor on the government of the country, they start demanding reservations, etc. for them. For example, Hinduism is the cause of their poverty first but when they are converted to Christianity, then the reason for their poverty becomes inability of the governments so that Jesus can be saved, and no question can be raised on his godliness. This is the agenda going on in the country and people like Sanjay Manjhi are drinking this cup of Christianity due to illiteracy, thus increases the spiritual poverty of the country. Moreover, the Jesus whom these people consider to be God is not a God. Little did they know that God is a formless power which has been operating and running the entire universe.

By- Rajeev Choudhary

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