May 19, 2024

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Another life got sacrificed in the name of superstition

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In Korba district of Chhattisgarh, a son sacrificed his mother to carry out his superstitious activity. He drunk his blood, slaughtered the body into pieces and later burned it in the stove. This news is from the same country India, who was proudly showing the world its science power by sending together 104 satellites last year. But in spite of this, we are all embarrassed because here victims of superstitions in our country are more than the people who suffered from terror or war in a country. If you look at the figures of this subject, then after seeing this blind faith, our head must bend down with shame. Regardless of anything, this game of superstition is being played fearlessly. When such incidents happen, the big religious leaders are either found to be silent or try to hush up the matter by calling the murderer just an ignorant.

The report of the United Nations says that between 1987 and 2003 in India, 2 thousand 556 women were killed by calling/declaring them a witch, according to another report, 240 murders in 2011, 119 in 2012, 160 murders in 2012, were done in the name of superstition.

After this, if the data presented by the National Crime Records Bureau is considered, for both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states between 2000 and 2012, 350 people were killed in suspicion that they are trying black magic on others.

After looking at all these statistics, there are many very sad news to hear from the recent past also. and it is very sad news that in the vair in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, one Baba had sacrificed his own grandchildren to gain ‘tantric Vidhya’ -occultist education. In Jaipur, a grandmother in her desire to get grandson has killed her own innocent granddaughter by dipping in a water tank. In Jodhpur, Rajasthan, in the month of Ramzan, a man sacrificed his own 4-year-old daughter to please Allah.

This game of superstitions and mechanism is not confined to murder only. Last year, a prisoner in Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh, had cut and offered his own tongue in the temple of Goddess built inside the prison, whereas a woman in Janjgir Champa cut off his tongue and offered it in Shiv Mandir. Another horrible incident happened in Darbhanga district of Bihar where during the Chaiti Durga Puja, there was seen an incredible specimen of superstition- when a young woman started trying to offer her own eye in the feet of Maa Durga, in the temple established in the village. Apart from this, a man in Hyderabad of Telangana worshiped on the eve of the lunar eclipse on the directions of a Tantric and threw his child from the roof.

In the modern century, rather than decreasing superstitions in seen increasing regularly. There are many different types of superstitious practices including ghosts, witch, genes, vandalism, magic, sorcery etc. With the help of which some people are earning their livelihood by becoming a Dhonji Babas, Ojhas and even people living in Dargahs are also running their daily life. No cult has remained untouched by it. The important thing is that in spreading of this superstition, science-educated doctors, and engineers are also included. Besides, it is useless to say or hear anything from the country’s leaders, because they are concerned only by their vote bank, for them, the society may even deeper into such mal-practices. Can we expect from such doctors and engineers or leaders to stand against superstition?

Perhaps, for this reason, the governments are silent and the media has become a major medium and partner for spreading such mal-pretenders. The consequence of this ignorance is that a large network of superstitions spread over the Internet, electronic media and print media. Even that most people have started believing more on such hypocrite tantric than a doctor. Most of the women are being victimized and exploited by them and through them, males are also becoming victims. It is not less than any kind of terror because in it also the principle of fear is being superior. The women victims are being sexually robbed and money is being raised by the men victims.

There are continuous loot and killings on the basis of superstitions. See irony: There can be a month’s long programs for any communal violence or any associated death in it, also there may be demand for stringent laws but not even a single program is being dedicated to continuous killings and looted rape due to superstitions. And neither the intellectual media people are demanding for any law in this regard.

Due to superstitions, the situation is getting worse on each day. Governments will have to understand that the challenge in the country is not only to create power but to build a superstition-free society that will live the way we are living in the modern century. The challenge is not less than the challenge. Today we request to the democratic governments of all the states of India and the Central Government that in the current education system, a subject should be included on superstition so that superstition and science cannot coexist parallelly in one place, and secondary the strict law on all kind of superstitions must be made so that an innocent mother could not be killed by her son, a granddaughter could not be killed by her grandfather, and an innocent child will be killed or sacrificed in the name of ‘Allah’ …

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