May 22, 2024

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Congress Improved China Ties By Accepting Donation To Sonia’s Trust, Opening Markets: BJP

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BJP’s National IT Head Amit Malviya on Monday slammed the Congress party for ‘improving relations’ with China by accepting its donations in the RGF

BJP’s National IT Head Amit Malviya on Monday sarcastically slammed the Congress party, accusing it of ‘improving relations’ with China by accepting its donations in the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation controlled by Sonia Gandhi. Malviya castigated the Congress party for comparing the donation given to public funds (Chinese Companies to PM-CARES) with the private donation given to the Congress family. “Someone to be a genius to compare donation to a public fund with private donations to a family entity!”, he said in his tweet, responding to P Chidambaram.

“So, Congress’s idea of improving relations with a country is to accept donations in a Foundation controlled by Sonia Gandhi? Then follow it up with opening Indian markets?, Malviya said in his tweet.

Malviya’s attack comes at the time when Congress leader P. Chidambaram on Sunday said that back in 2005 India-China shared a good relation and efforts were being made to improve them. The Congress leader also counter-attacked the BJP government for accepting donations from 2013 to 2017 which the BJP party claims to be ‘wrong’.

“In 2005, India-China relations were good and efforts were being made to improve them. If a donation in 2005 was wrong, how much more wrong was accepting donations after 2013-17?”, Chidambaram questioned.

Chidambaram further raised a series of allegations against the PM-CARES funds run by the BJP government at the Centre. He alleged that Chinese-owned companies donated money to the PM- CARES fund set up this year and since then Chinese troops began incursions into Ladakh in March-April 2020.

“PM-CARES fund was set up on 28-03-2020. Chinese-owned companies donated money from that date. Chinese troops began incursions into Ladakh in March-April 2020. Does it require great intelligence to discern China’s motives?”, Chidambaram said in a tweet.

Congress faces accusations on RGF Donation

BJP raised that Congress-backed RGF had received a donation of Rs.90 lakh from the Chinese Embassy in India in 2006-07. While Congress president Sonia Gandhi is the chairperson of the trust, senior party leaders such as Rahul Gandhi, Dr.Manmohan Singh, P Chidambaram and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra serve as trustees.

BJP president JP Nadda shared documents to show that the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund money had been donated to the RGF. Terming this as a “brazen fraud”, Nadda contended that one family’s hunger for wealth had cost India immensely. 

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