May 19, 2024

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US Extends Deep Condolence Message On Martyrdom Of Indian Jawans

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The US, the worst affected country with Coronavirus that originated from China, has maintained a hard stand against the communist country and its response in the handling of the virus crisis which has become a global catastrophe. The US is also mulling on decoupling the US economy from China, though the personal politics and real intentions of Donald Trump are up for debate.

The violent standoff has led to the martyrdom of 20 Indian soldiers including a colonel rank officer named Santosh Babu. Moreover, army sources said on Thursday that more Indian army men were injured in the violent faceoff and have been recovering at different hospitals but are stable and out of danger, adding that they will resume service in a week to fifteen days.

“No one critical as of now, all are stable. 18 soldiers are at our hospital in Leh, they will be out on duty in about 15 days. 58 soldiers are at other hospitals they should be back on duty within a week. Status as of today afternoon, “said Indian Army sources as reported by ANI.

Even as India lost 20 of its brave soldiers in the violent confrontation, the Indian Army inflicted heavy casualties on the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. It is also reported that over 40 casualties were inflicted on the Chinese side, with US intelligence claimed 35 Chinese killed at the hands of Indian soldiers. Even as the Indian Army has revealed the number of casualties, China has refrained to disclose the number of its side calling it a ‘goodwill gesture’. China said it is not releasing the number of casualties because it does not want people in the two countries to get further impacted; disclosure of numbers would lead to a comparison of casualties that could incite nationalistic sentiments on both sides, elevating the tension. However, it seems to be more of a coverup of the heavy casualties inflicted on the Chinese than a mere goodwill gesture as China is always known to intimidate its opponents than extending goodwill gestures.

Besides, after the violent faceoff, the anti-China rage and ‘boycott Chinese good’ movement has gathered momentum across the country with not just Indian citizens but trade confederations pledging to ban dealing in Chinese products. Moreover, the Central Government’s arm Indian railways has canceled Rs 470 crore contract with Chinese firms in the wake of the faceoff.

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