May 22, 2024

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Why framing a law on superstition, or blind faith is necessary

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Legal reinforcement on superstition and superstitions is very important. Some people will feel that this demand is a bit absurd and it will be considered in a straightforward way that some people are trying to impose restrictions on our religious beliefs and worship practices. But it is not so, our demand is not for anyone’s religion, but for superstition and superstition wherever it is, it is for them. Although two states of Maharashtra and Karnataka are the states in which superstition restraint laws are implemented, this is not enough, rather on the same pattern, such law is also needed at the national level. After all, it is important to understand why it is necessary.

If this law is not enforced across the country then the science of the 21st century will remain hanging in the air and this superstitious will destroy the wisdom of the society inside. Because there is a difference between faith and superstitions, reverence and superstition. Belief System makes a person wiser, gives sharpness to logic, while superstition destroys the power of discrimination. When this faith takes the form of superstition, you cannot notice. This is the reason that due to lack of awareness, people believe in the superstition as their only religion and take it up even as the duty of life.

Superstition is such a disease which makes us lost so much in the past. And, it is difficult to calculate how many years we will be able to cover from it. When we read back our history and want to know the reason for many losses faced by India, then the biggest reason for it that always comes out is the existence of superstitions. Remember the history of the temple of Somnath when Mahmud Ghajnavi reached Somnath temple to destroy the temple. Then the priest of Somnath temple was passive and enjoying the belief that Lord Somnath ji himself is enough to ward off the army of Gajnavi.

People there were happily sitting on the fortified walls of the fort to view that the army of these mischievous robbers will be destroyed by the lord in just a few minutes. They were telling the army of Gajnavi that our God will destroy every one of you, but when Mahmud’s army started the massacre, 50,000 Hindu temples were killed at the gate of the temple and by breaking the temple, Mahmood looted the wealth of millions. If during those times, those 50 thousand Hindus would have not been blindfolded with that superstitious belief, each would have picked even a single stone and thrown them on the army of Gajnavi, then not only the temple of Somnath would have been saved but also the honor of the Indian Religion.

This is not the single story when due to the absence of the sages and the teachers who gave true learning and education of religion, then the beginning of blind faith, hypocrisy and false traditions had started. This has resulted in the creation of the camps of hypocrites and, it has finally the resulted in the slavery of the country. Due to such mishaps, the country had to undergo many odd circumstances and even today the religious and social status of the country is not satisfactory. To overcome this situation, it is necessary to eliminate the ignorance and superstition from the country, otherwise, the religious catastrophe will be many times larger than the last century.

Even after the terrible tragedy of Somnath, the so-called self-respecting people did not think it appropriate to spread awareness rather they made people to wait and watch them given this mantra, “Whenever there is a loss of religion, then I will come to be an avatar”, – the heroic castes in this superstition were kept being cheated.

Unfortunately, today, in the era of revolution and progress this struggle continues, hypocrisy continues, and superstition continues and today the robbers are attacking through their new way and making new attacks. Some do that by becoming a Bengali Baba, or in the name of the ghost-evil spirit that may be for the sake of getting a job, even today, these Gajnavi are coming out from the shell of Ashu Maharaj.

The time has changed, the calendar has changed but the superstition remained intact in its place. Yes, Arya Samaj and Swami Dayanand Saraswati came to end this superstition and woke up the people, but these people evolved new forms of superstition. Today, such people are easily trapping women through flicker by claiming to find and reproduce the gender of the baby nurtured in the womb, and also in the name of religion and belief systems, they are sexually abusing women and girls.

Moreover, the matter is not merely confined to this. This year, a person in Hyderabad had sacrificed a child. On the request of a Tantric, a person worshiped on the eve of the lunar eclipse and threw the child out of the roof. Tantric had told him that by doing so he would cure his wife’s long-standing illness. One cannot estimate that how many such incidents keep happening each day.

If we observe closely, we will see that today the market of superstitions has expanded so much that in today’s society the educated people are seen equally in the grip of it as the uneducated people. However, it is an attempt to thwart modern ideas and open thinking earned by human civilization after a long struggle. If the government makes a law on the national level, against the superstitious elements, making it a legal provision to take action against the people promoting it, many things can be corrected today. It is true that laws can only be useful for society only after its implementation. But still, there are hopes that with the help of such laws, our society, which has reached in the second decade of the 21st century, will understand the difference between faith and superstition. Hence, regardless of our past, the fate of our coming generations will improve.


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